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The foundational slogan ‘Detox to Recovery' indicates clean cosmetics that can be used with assurance. All products of ‘LIMULUS,’ which aims for natural cosmetics, are made with environmentally friendly raw ingredients.


Skin R&D was established based on the thorough market research and business plan for many years. The philosophy of Skin R&D reflects the empathy with the children suffering from atopic skin and with the wives having skin troubles after childbirth We will go forward with the belief that we will make good cosmetics for women and for children.
Based on the ground of 'Korean Wave' in the field of cosmetics, we take pride in approaching the world market with the high-quality 'Made in Korea' products.

Skin R & D Inc. is focusing the research and development on making products that can be used safely with the use of nature-friendly materials. Based on our sustainable management philosophy, we will become a company that can be loved and give satisfaction to the people We promise to become a world's leading company through the beauty & health care products and services that make use of global fusion technologies in the field of bio new materials, such as cosmetics and pharmaceuticals