Skin Care

Nourishing Cream

Concentrated Nourishing Cream

Highly nutritious, highly moisturizing night care creamfor wrinkle improvement and for sensitive skin

[ keypoint ]

  • Night care cream containing natural vegetable extract
  • A must-have item composed of raw ingredients necessary for wrinkle improvement
  • Concentrated care for sensitive skin
  • Completion
    of skin irritation test
  • Wrinkle improvement
    Functional cosmetic
Excellent moisturizing power and nutrients
Contains premium Red Ginseng Extract along with the ceramide ingredient that creates healthy skin to supply skin with abundant nutrients while helping skin maintain moisturized and comfortable skin all day long
Creation of a lasting and brilliant moisture film
Maintains optimal skin balance during sleep to present skin with moisturized and healthy radiance
Skin soothing and fine wrinkle improvement
The berry complex extract and Prunella Vulgaris Extract extracted with patent technology soothes sensitive skin and improves wrinkles
Adhesive and resilient highly nutritious texture
The rich texture realized from company technology along with Snail Secretion Filtrate creates smoother and firmer skin